About Us


Direct Health Products is a family-owned company that started its operations in August 2013.

Our company, primarily operating in the field of diabetes, has initiated a collaboration with the renowned and quality-proven OK Biotech Co. As the general distributor in Turkey, we have taken on the distribution of the blood glucose measurement device branded as Ok Meter Direct and the glucose measurement strips under the same brand.

Furthermore, in the field of diabetes, our company has established the brand Softfine Needle Tip, which is used by insulin patients in insulin pen needles. Our company, with the sole aim of ensuring the continuity of human health, strives for excellence every day without compromising on quality and service to humanity. In line with this goal, we diligently follow the ever-evolving technological and scientific data to constantly improve and provide the best.

With an expert management team and field staff, we distribute our products to the public through pharmacies via pharmaceutical warehouses. Devamed Pharmaceuticals, without compromising on quality and human health, makes every effort to enhance its product range and provide better service to our people. In this journey it embarked upon, the company continues on its path with dedication.